H3208 3.2m Flex Inkjet Konica 1024 42PL Outdoor Solvent Printer

H3208 3.2m Flex Inkjet Konica 1024 42PL Outdoor Solvent Printer
Product Details

H3208 3.2m flex inkjet konica 1024 42pl outdoor solvent printer

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Quite details of konica outdoor solvent printer
1.4/8pcs konica 512/42pl head or konica 512/30pl head
2.The speed can get 240 square meter per hour, very high speed
3. suitable to actek konica solvent ink

our advantage of konica outdoor printer

1. imported liner guide precision machined y beam and ultra wide aluminum platfor keep the mechanical stability and high-quality output for a long time
2. bold double rubber rollers, high precious feeding system, achieving accurate feeding materials
3. perfect tension take up system
4. super wide front heating fans system improve the production efficiency
5. PID control the front,middel and behind heating stability. adsorpiton knob can adjust the suction strength of the platform, keeping feeding material flatly

paraments of inkjet outdoor konica 512




Print Head

Drop on demand Piezo Head

Number of Printhead

4 Heads

8 heads

Maximun Print Width


KM512-30pl printhead (4head or 8 heads) konica 512i large format printer 


480*360dpi 2pass 120m2/h

480X360dpi 2pass 240 m2/h

480*540dpi 3pass 90m2/h

480X540dpi 3pass 180 m2/h

480*720dpi 4pass 60m2/h

480X720dpi 4pass120 m2/h

KM512-42pl printhead(4 heads or 8 heads)

180X720dpi 2pass 80m2/h

360X1080dpi 3pass 56 m2/h

240X720dpi 2pass 60m2/h

360X1440dpi 4pass 42m2/h

240X1080dpi 3pass 40m2/h

720X1440dpi 4pass 22 m2/h




Max. Weight



Frontlit,Backlit,Vinyl,Polyester,Window Film, Leater…



Heating System

3 way intelligent heater

Auto Media Feeding &Take-up System




Solvent ink (C,M,Y,K)


k1L or 5L per Color Main Tan

Auto Cleaning System

Positive Pressure Cleaning,Anti-Clogging Flash       
Function&Capping System

Print interface


Power Specification

220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz Printer:660W Heater:1900W

Operational Environment

Temperature:20°C-28°C   Humidity:40%-70%

Compatible RIP Software


Dimension &Weight


L4800mm×W1110mm×H1450mm      610kg


L5000mm×W1300mm×H1550mm     690kg 

Packing detail of inkje outdoor konica 1024 42pl

Packing size : L5000mm×W1300mm×H1550mm     690kg

Machine size: L4800mm×W1110mm×H1450mm      610kg

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